A Look At Some Items In Peter Parker's Bedroom In Captain America: Civil War

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man isn’t just hitting the faces of his superpowered brethren in Captain America: Civil War. He’s also hitting the books.

According to a report by an Atlanta, Georgia news station (where Civil War is filming), Civil War recently rented bedroom furniture from a local prop shop for "scenes inside Peter Parker’s bedroom." Among the pieces of furniture were a desk and desk chair.

While prop furniture isn’t exactly the movie scoop of the century, it does suggest some potentially big news on Spider-Man’s Civil War involvement. If Civil War is shooting in Peter Parker’s residence, it seems that the movie will show Spider-Man for more than just a brief cameo or fight scene. In fact, it almost assures that Tom Holland (costumed or otherwise) will have multiple scenes in the film which already includes a goofy fight scene (reportedly). Perhaps Marvel wants to lay a deeper foundation for Spider-Man and his world before setting him off on his solo movie in 2017? Only time will tell.

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Captain America: Civil War opens on May 6, 2016. And to see when Spider-Man swings into theaters, check out ComicBook.com’s comic book movie release schedule!

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