A Very Un-Star Wars Robot Auction In A Clip From New Sci-Fi Picture, Young Ones

I have a feeling that Jake Paltrow's Young Ones is flying under a lot of sci-fi fans' radars, though it really shouldn't be. In this clip, which premiered at The Playlist, you can see the ever-intense Michael Shannon competing with sometime Beast and Mad Max bad guy Nicholas Hoult at a robot auction. It's similarly sandy to the auction in Star Wars, but this time we're really just interested in the humans. Unlike Lucas' slave traded, seemingly sentient droids, Young Ones has DARPA-like machines that stand in for cattle.

If anything, that reminds me of the opening of Real Steel. The rest of the film goes in a different direction, however. As you might expect from a film that puts Michael Shannon front and centre, Young Ones sometimes explodes with violence; at other times, it simmers like a Western, and even mixes in some tropes of Greek Tragedy. All in all, this film is an intriguing, lo-fi sci-fi prospect that I wish was getting a little more attention.

Young Ones opens in the US on October 17th.