Agent Carter Season 2 Episodes 6 & 7: Life Of The Party/Monsters Recap With Spoilers

“Life of the Party”Jason Wilkes finds himself in a shadowy realm, being drawn towards a [...]

Agent Carter

"Life of the Party"

Jason Wilkes finds himself in a shadowy realm, being drawn towards a darkness. He snaps out of it and tells Peggy about it. He says he's lost control and that he's at the whim of a dark force. Peggy suggests building a containment unit like the one from Isodyne for himself. Wilkes is hesitant, but Peggy reminds him about how he became tangible after touching Jane Scott's tissue sample.

Chadwick walks in on Frost talking to herself. They begin arguing. Chadwick tells her that he's arranged to have the Council of Nine meet with her. This is unprecedented, as the Council never meets with outsiders, especially women.

Ana watches as Jarvis treats Peggy's wound. She questions the wisdom of Peggy heading for the lab when she should be resting.

Peggy finds Sousa in the lab. He looks disheveled. Peggy tells Sousa about Wilkes' incident and the plan to build the containment chamber, but she needs a sample form Whitney Frost. She wants to acquire it at Chadwick's upcoming fundraiser. Jarvis has already secured tickets. She plans to use a vacuum syringe from the SSR. Peggy plans to do it herself, but Sousa points out that Whitney will see her coming. They need a trained, skilled person who Whitney won't recognize to play Jarvis' date.

Peggy disguises herself as Dottie Underwood's psychiatrist to get into her cell. Dottie is quick to realize Peggy is going to great lengths to keep her visit secret and unofficial, meaning she's here for help.

Wilkes talks Ana through building a device. He then starts listing all of the threats and things that could possibly go wrong while Jarvis is on this mission, and Ana becomes worried. Jarvis shows up, bursting with excitement, but Ana becomes flustered and walks off.

Peggy asks Dottie about the lapel pin she was trying to steal. Dottie suggests she was hired to steal it to unlock the secrets of the Council of Nine. Peggy says she's going to break Dottie out so they can help each other get to the Council, and then Peggy will help Dottie get deported. Dottie knows Peggy is lying about deportation, but takes the offer anyway. Peggy leaves her a device to get through the door. Peggy says she'll take care of the guards. Peggy leave and Dottie inspects the device. It splits into two magnetized halves, which she uses to unlock the cell door. The guard outside is unconscious and his gun is gun.

Dottie walks outside and runs in the opposite direction from what Peggy told her, but Sousa and Peggy are waiting with an electrified net.

Dottie regains consciousness and has been dressed up for a party and bound to a chair. Peggy puts a choker necklace on her that contains a tracker and a neurotoxin. Jarvis arrives in a tuxedo and is upset when Peggy tells him he won't be carrying a firearm.

Whitney Frost tries to back out of her meeting with the Council, saying she can't be seen in public with the Zero Matter crack on her face. Chadwick hands her a veil that covers the crack.

Peggy fills Dottie in on Whitney Frost and the mission, but Dottie is more interested in Wilkes. Peggy and Sousa will be monitoring the mission from a van outside. Jarvis will have a communication device in his glasses, while Dottie will have one in a hat. Dottie tries to touch Jason as he leaves, and discovers he is intangible.

Peggy and Sousa set up in the van as Jarvis and Dottie dance inside. They spot Chadwick and Frost, and then Dottie notices Jack Thompson. Thompson and Vernon Masters discuss the communist threat with Chadwick and Frost. Masters pumps up Thompson for his success stopping Leviathan.

Jarvis and Dottie tell Peggy and Sousa about Thompson. Jarvis wants to abort the mission, but Peggy says this is Wilkes' only chance. Jarvis turns to find Dottie gone.

Masters points out several members of the Council mingling at the party. Dottie is about to make contact with Thompson when Jarvis pulls her away. Hugh Jones joins Thompson and Masters. Jones and Masters fills Thompson in on Peggy's visit to the Roxxon office.

Peggy and Sousa tell Jarvis to keep Thompson distracted while Dottie gets the sample. Jarvis puts on a stern face and orders Dottie to do her job and follow his lead.

A woman introduces herself to Thompson, but Jarvis intercedes. Thompson immediately asks where Carter is, but Jarvis says Peggy is by the pool. Thompson doesn't buy it and moves to secure the perimeter. Jarvis regains his attention by implying that Thompson works for Chadwick. Jarvis gets serious for a moment and warns Thompson that he's out of his depth in this political arena. Thompson is flippant, and walks away.

Dottie bumps into Frost and gets the sample, but then leaves her hat by a running faucet and starts searching for a way out. She ends up in the council chamber. She hides in a cabinet as Frost begins her presentation to the Council. Frost tells them about Zero Matter. She says Zero Matter isn't about energy, but about power, then shows them the crack running down her face. She pulls one of her lab rats out of a hat box and shows them what the Zero Matter can do to it. Chadwick snaps a finger, and two men wrangle Frost to the ground. Frost uses her power to destroy the two men, then does the same to half the council. The crack on her face grows. She turns to Chadwick and unleashes the Zero Matter on hm.

Frost calls the meeting to order. She begins giving orders to the remaining members of the council. She demands full access to Roxxon and a story in the papers to explain Chadwick's disappearance. She says she's kept these members alive because she believes they can help her with her plans, and promises power in exchange for loyalty. Jones is quick to swear fealty.

Jarvis fills Sousa and Carter in on Thompson while searching for Dottie. Peggy decides she needs to go in. Sousa tells her she can't with her injury. She decides to go anyway, but pops a stitch trying to open the door.

The council vacates the chamber and Dottie lets herself out of the cabinet. She examines the sample she took from Frost, realizing the power it holds. Masters and two guards find her leaving the chamber. She runs, and the guards give chase.

Peggy says she may need another appointment with Violet, and Sousa's response tells her something is wrong. Sousa tells her that Violet broke up with him. When Peggy offers to help, Sousa tells her she broke up with him because she thinks he's in love with Peggy. Peggy apologizes and takes his hand. They lean in for a kiss when the van shakes. They go outside and find a guard has landed on the van roof.

Inside, Dottie fights with the second guard. She knocks him out when Thompson sneaks up behind her with a gun. Dottie dropped the sample from Frost near the broken window.

Jarvis goes outside and finds Peggy and Sousa. Jarvis recovered the sample, but Frost disappeared. The party ends and they decide to regroup.

Jones fills Masters in on Frost's power grab. Masters blames Thompson for the mess, saying it must have been Carter who let Dottie out. Masters tells Thompson that he needs to smear Carter's name so that she no longer poses a threat. Thompson says that presents new problems, and Masters realizes she must have something on him. Masters tells Thompson to find some leverage on Carter.

Sousa and Peggy return to the lab, and Wilkes is eager to get started on the containment chamber, but Sousa and Thompson are more concerned with Dottie. Jarvis alerts them to Thompson's arrival.

Peggy meets with Thompson. He probes her about Dottie's escape and orders her to come back to New York with him. She says she'll simply resign from SSR if she has to in order to stay. Thompson tries to shake Carter's confidence, then leaves.

Frost opens up a crate containing a chained up Dottie. Frost slams the lid shut.


Frost holds a press conference at the movie studio. She is dressed in mourning clothes, complete with veil. She tells them that Chadwick and several of his colleagues died at sea. Frost notices Carter and Sousa in the crowd. Carter is sure Frost killed the council, but believes Dottie is still alive.

Masters lays out torture tools in front of Dottie, but she's not impressed. Masters tells Dottie a story of a cruel wife of a Nazi who used to skin prisoners that he broke in 24 hours, but Dottie says she's far tougher then some Nazi. Dottie can tell that Masters if frightened of Frost. Masters injects Dottie with truth serum, but she seems unfazed.

Wilkes talks Ava through constructing the containment chamber. They're finishing up as Wilkes begins fading away. He comes back just as Peggy arrives. Jarvis finishes repairing the transponder for Dottie's necklace, but there's no signal. Peggy thinks she may be out of range and suggests finding higher ground. Jason questions the wisdom of rescuing a Russian spy, and recommends activating the neurotoxin instead. He begins cracking under the stress and influence of the Zero Matter, then apologizes and gets back to work.

Dottie is continuing to resist Masters, but he brings up her embarrassment at being controlled by Dr. Fenhoff. Manfredi arrives and summons Masters to Frost. Frost tells Masters that Manfredi and the Maggia are providing security. Frost wants Masters to retrieve the rods from the original Isodyne test. Frost says she'll talk to Dottie herself.

Dottie maintains her flippant demeanor with Frost. Frost tells Dottie that she disabled the tracking device in the necklace, then grabs Dottie by the throat and begins suffocating her with Zero Matter. Frost relents and Dottie tells Frost about the sample Peggy took and that it is to save Wilkes.

Wilkes enters the containment chamber. Jarvis turns it on and Peggy pours the sample from Frost onto Wilkes' hand. His eyes turn black and he cringes, but becomes tangible. He kisses Peggy. The transponder begins receiving a signal.

Carter calls Sousa and fills him in on that has happened. Sousa pretends to be talking to his mother because Masters is in his office. Masters says uranium was stolen from Roxxon and Sousa needs to find it.

Peggy resolves to go find Dottie without Sousa. Jarvis wonders if the appearance of the signal is a little too convenient, but Peggy says she is fully aware that this is a trap. Jarvis shows Peggy a device called the jitterbug, a non-lethal concussive device.

Ana overhears the Jitterbug test. She runs to Jarvis with a darker jacket and hugs him before he goes. He can tell that she's worried, but Ana can tell that Peggy needs Jarvis and Jarvis needs adventure.

Sousa is concerned that Roxxon waited 48 hours to report this theft. He says he can't make any promises under the circumstances. Masters tries to tempt Sousa with more power and influence, but Sousa doesn't seem interested.

Jarvis and Peggy ride out to Chadwick's ranch, where the signal came from. Jarvis tries to broach the subject of Dr. Wilkes. Carter stomps on the breaks and tries to brush off the kiss, but Jarvis mentions that Carter blushed at the kiss and points out the problematic love triangle brewing with Wilkes and Sousa.

They arrive at the ranch at night, and Jarvis moves the jitterbug into place. He's spotted by a guard. Carter knocks the guard out from behind, but his gun goes off alerting the rest. Jarvis places the jitterbug pointing at the oncoming guards, but the code doesn't work. Carter and Jarvis throw up their hands and allow themselves to be captured. They're brought to the same room as Dottie.

Ana and Dr. Wilkes dine together and toast to Carter and Jarvis.

Dottie and Peggy bicker as Dottie fills Peggy in on what happened with Masters. Both women slip out of one of their bindings.

Ana and Wilkes discuss the dangers Jarvis and Peggy put themselves into, and Ana says she misses the lies Jarvis used to tell her. Jason talks about how he's not really sure what he's going to do next.

Jarvis manages to slip free of his binds, then realizes he put in the wrong code for the jitterbug, accidentally using the one for delayed detonation. The jitterbug goes off and Jarvis, Dottie, and Peggy begin making their escape. Peggy can tell that something is wrong with Dottie and that it must have been Frost who did it. Dottie tells them this was a trap, but it wasn't for them.

Frost infiltrates the Stark estate and turns off the security system. She finds Wilkes and taunts him, but when she tries to use her Zero Matter on him, he absorbs it instead. Wilkes exits the containment unit. Frost tells Wilkes to go with her, and that they both need Zero Matter and can help each other. Wilkes resists, but she tells him she wants to change things for marginalized minorities. Manfredi shows up and distracts Wilkes so that Frost can knock him out.

Ana calls Sousa for help. When Sousa exits his home, he's jumped by two masked men. Ana tries to stop Frost and Manfredi. Frost sees Carter and Jarvis's car pulling up and shoots Ana then drives away.

Peggy and Jarvis take Ana to the hospital. She's taken in for surgery. A man yells out that an officer has been shot. Peggy goes outside to find a guard who had opened her trunk bleeding on the ground, and Dottie's necklace left behind.

Sousa shows up at the SSR office looking battered. Masters is waiting for him, but Sousa tells him he doesn't think they'll ever find the Roxxon rods. Masters takes control of SSR's Los Angeles office.

Peggy calls the SSR and asks for the chief. Masters answers and she hangs up. She sits with Jarvis in the waiting room. Ana I still in surgery. Peggy takes Jarvis's hand.