Alan Moore's Name Left Off Miracleman Reprints From Marvel

Alan Moore, the writer of Watchmen and a key creative force on comics like Swamp Thing and [...]


Alan Moore, the writer of Watchmen and a key creative force on comics like Swamp Thing and Marvelman/Miracleman, is not solicited as the writer of stories he worked on in the 1980s, in a reprint volume that Marvel is publishing beginning in January. By necessity, many of those stories will have been written by Alan Moore, who had a lengthy and acclaimed run on the title in the '80s. But don't expect to see his name on the cover of a Marvel Comic anytime soon. Marvel's solicitations for January 2014 product list the writers of this series as the titles' creator Mick Anglo along with "The Original Writer."


Moore has openly asked DC and Marvel to discontinue the use of his name in the promotion of the work he did for them in the past, and it appears as though Marvel, possibly in the interest of reducing any additional ill-will over the character after twenty years of non-publication and a ten-year lawsuit, has done as he asked. The series, which has been digitally-restored and re-lettered (per the solicitation text) will likely not carry his name on the interior credits, either, although it would not be entirely surprising if it did. Announced at New York Comic Con, Miracleman will launch with a new #1 and run, apparently twice monthly, until Marvel have exhausted the original stories, at which point Sandman creator Neil Gaiman and artist Mark Buckingham will return to the character, finishing the stories they wrote with him before Eclipse Comics collapsed in 1993 and the character's rights spiraled out of control. It wasn't until 2010 that anyone claimed full, legal ownership over Miracleman and, at that point, it was Marvel Comics, having worked out an arrangement with Gaiman, who had been awarded a share of them after the collapse of Eclipse and then won what seem to be the remainder, at least for U.S. copyright purposes, from Todd McFarlane following a decade-long lawsuit. MIRACLEMAN #1 & 2 THE ORIGINAL WRITER & MICK ANGLO (W) GARRY LEACH, ALAN DAVIS, PAUL NEARY, STEVE DILLON & MICK ANGLO (A) ISSUE #1 – COVER BY JOE QUESADA Variant COVER BY JOHN CASSADAY Variant COVER BY MARK BUCKINGHAM Variant COVER BY JEROME OPENA Variant COVER BY LEINIL FRANCIS YU Sketch VARIANT BY JOE QUESADA YOUNG VARIANT BY SKOTTIE YOUNG CLASSIC VARIANT BY GARRY LEACH ISSUE #2 – COVER BY ALAN DAVIS Variant COVER BY ARTHUR ADAMS Variant COVER BY MIKE PERKINS Variant COVER BY MIKE MCKONE Sketch VARIANT BY ALAN DAVIS• KIMOTA! With one magic word, a long-forgotten legend lives again! • Freelance reporter Michael Moran always knew he was meant for something more -- now, a strange series of events leads him to reclaim his destiny! • Relive the ground-breaking eighties adventures that captured lightning in a bottle -- or experience them for the first time -- in these digitally restored, fully relettered editions! • Issue 1 includes material originally presented in WARRIOR #1 and MIRACLEMAN #1, plus the MARVELMAN PRIMER. Issue #2 includes material originally presented in WARRIOR #1-5, plus bonus material. ISSUE #1 – 64 PGS./Parental Advisory…$5.99 ISSUE #2 – 48 PGS./Parental Advisory…$4.99