Amazing Spider-Man Sequel: Easter Eggs Hint At Multiple Villains

Amazing Spider-Man Easter Eggs

Iron Man 3 is reportedly heading the multiple villains route. Could the same direction be in store for Amazing Spider-Man 2? Amazing Spider-Man Senior Visual Effects Supervisor Jerome Chen and Additional Animation Supervisor David Schaub revealed to that there are definitely Easter Eggs in the Amazing Spider-Man movie, and they even provided some clues as to their location in the movie.’s Russ Burlingame took a close look at several Amazing Spider-Man scenes , and he discovered several possible Easter Eggs indicating villains who could appear in Amazing Spider-Man sequels. Here are multiple possible villain Easter Eggs.

Shocker Easter Egg – As Spider-Man swings by a line of clothes, there is one pair of pants that seems to stand out more than the rest. The pants are bright yellow and they appear to have a dark red stripe on the pants leg. Now, some might think Electro, but while his costume has yellow highlights, his pants are traditionally green. The pants in question actually look much more like they might belong to another electrifying Spider-Man villain known as the Shocker.

Amazing Spider-Man Rhino Easter Egg

Rhino Easter Egg – Of all the possible Amazing Spider-Man movie Easter Eggs, this one might be the most obvious and clear of the bunch. In the computer generated display of the Oscorp Tree of Life, there is a rhino, which looks really out of place with all the other insects, birds, and fish. With this Easter Egg, it’s pretty clear that it’s a reference to the Spider-Man villain Rhino.

Amazing Spider-Man bridge easter egg

Green Goblin Easter Egg – With this particular Easter Egg, one has to have both their eyes and ears open to catch it. As Spider-Man swings past the George Washington Bridge, there is a brief blip of Spider-Man’s spider sense sound effect. Of course, comic book fans know this is the same bridge that Green Goblin threw Gwen Stacy off of. Could it be a hint that Green Goblin will play a role in a future Spider-Man sequel. (Whether it’s a hint or not, it’s a pretty good bet that Spider-Man’s most famous villain will eventually show up.)

Amazing Spider-Man Mysterio and Electro Easter Eggs


Mysterio Easter Egg – While this one is a little bit of a stretch, Senior Visual Effects Supervisor Jerome Chen specifically told that there was an Easter Egg at the end of the movie. If you look at the very last scene of the movie, there are two vague, but yet potential Easter Eggs. One is that the way the clouds wrap around the moon sort of look reminiscent of Mysterio.

Electro Easter Egg – The other potential Easter Egg in the final scene is even more of a stretch, but it does play into rumors that are already circulating. One of the clouds next to the moon does look an awful lot like a bolt of lightning. Could this be a reference to Electro? Recent rumors suggest Jamie Foxx will be playing Electro in Spider-Man 2, but there’s been no indication of if he’s the only villain.