Ant-Man Comes To Marvel's Contest Of Champions

Ant-Man won't just be coming to big screens, but also to mobile devices as a new character in Kabam's Contest of Champions game. Scott Lang and the villain Yellowjacket will both be added as part of a new storyline coming with the game's next update.

"The designers created a new Microrealm to exist within the current Battlerealm," Cuz Parry, creative director at game developers Kabam, told The Hollywood Reporter. "Basically, Ant-Man and your team of champions shrink down to navigate the map. Then when we see Ant-Man in a fight, we get a chance to see the action from his perspective — he shrinks and enlarges in order to fight, just like in the movie."

It's notable that the version of Yellowjacket who appears in the game will be the villainous Darren Cross, and not Hank Pym's standoffish but still heroic alter ego from the comics.

"When Marvel explained that Yellowjacket was a villain, we had a momentary, 'whaaa…?'" Parry said, "but it's Marvel. These guys rule, and we had no doubt they'd pull it, so we had no doubts casting Yellowjacket as a villain."

In more practical terms, "With the massive popularity of the cinematic universe, it's likely that more people will get to know him as a villain than comics fans that recall a heroic Yellowjacket."


The new story involves Ant-Man leading the player's team of characters into the Microrealm, where they battle Adaptoids and Yellowjacket on their way to stop a mysterious mastermind who may turn out to be another familiar face from the Marvel Universe.

The Ant-Man update to Marvel's Contest of Champions goes live on July 9.