Ant-Man Deleted Scene Contains Iron Man Easter Egg

(Photo: Marvel Studios)

Ant-Man hits digital platforms today, November 17, and that means bonus features come along with the home version of the film. The blu-ray edition isn't out until December 8, so you'll want the digital version if you just can't wait to watch the movie again and the new features for the first time.

Those features include full-movie commentary by star Paul Rudd and director Peyton Reed. But there are also, of course, deleted scenes. Those include Scott Lang doing "less than heroic things with the suit" when he first gets it, and bloopers with dancing, because that's now a requirement for Marvel movies. In a deleted scene that debuted on, we get a little nod to Iron Man, who, in his first movie, donned armor to fight a similarly-armored villain who was his direct rival. Huh.

The tattoo on one of the potential buyers' necks is a Ten Rings tattoo. That seems to indicate that, as has been teased, there's still a real Mandarin out there in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, waiting to emerge. Maybe in Phase 4?


Check out all the deleted scenes and other features of Ant-Man on digital HD today.