Ant-Man Movie Already in Production (Kind of)

Director Edgar Wright has reportedly already wrapped production on an Ant Man test reel he wrote with Joe Cornish, his co-writer on the upcoming Ant man feature film and the writer of Attack the Block and The Adventures of Tintin. The Hollywood Reporter suggests that the director, whose next project is At World's End with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, wrapped it in two weeks as proof of concept for his long-rumored feature film based on the character.

What exactly the test reel included, and whether it's live-action or CGI, is unknow. Presumably, if it's live-action, that means that some set pieces would already have to have been assembled and a lead actor likely cast, whereas a GCI "placeholder" developed as a proof of concept may offer more flexibility in those areas.

THR reports that the reel was shot in mid-June, and that it serves as a visual guide to help establish the look and tone of the film and the way Ant Man's powers might work onscreen. The movie will ostensibly tie into Avengers 2.