Arrow: Here's What Nanda Parbat, The Lazarus Pit and Ra's al Ghul Look Like

In the final scene of tonight's Arrow, season-long big bad Ra's al Ghul was introduced on-camera for the first time in the form of actor Matt Nable of Riddick fame.

The leader of the League of Assassins, greeted in his pool (a clear allusion to the Lazarus Pit), rose to greet his daughter and spoke to the audience on Arrow for the first time after nearly a full season of being teased and name-dropped.

At top, you can see the exterior shot of Nanda Parbat, which actually flies a bit in the face of something executive producer Marc Guggenheim told us at New York Comic Con:

"One of the advantages of the Suicide Squad story is, we’re going to go to Khandaq, which is a locale we could never show on the show for any extended period of time because there’s no deserts," Guggenheim said of writing Arrow Season 2.5 for the comics versus the TV show, which films in Vancouver. "We might be able to fake it for a scene or two, but an entire storyline set in that world? That’s something we could never do on the show. That’s the other thing we’re always trying to do, which is, what stories and moments that we can show in the comics that we couldn’t show on the show because of budget and logistical limitations?"

Above, you can see Nyssa kneeling before what appears to be a large, stone, indoor well. This looks to be the Arrowverse version of the Lazarus Pit, which in the comics rejuvenates and heals Ra's al Ghul.


Above, you can see Ra's himself, as played by Nable.

Apologies for the low resolution images; we'll replace them as soon as something better comes along.