Arrow Recap With Spoilers: Keep Your Enemies Closer

Keep Your Enemies Closer

The episode begins with Roy Harper leaving a red arrow out for the vigilante to see him.

Rochev comes to Oliver's office to yell at him for missing a meeting, but she's interrupted when Felicity comes to talk to him about his "evening plans." The pair leave, leaving Isabel angry.

Harper is watching for Arrow when Oliver comes up behind him, startling him. Arrow tells Roy to go home, that he already has help; the scene he's watching is counterfeiters buying a press for money. Oliver takes out a group of baddies, and Roy jumps one of them on the outside of the building; police arrive, hearing of the struggle, and arrest Roy; meanwhile, Diggle--standing in the rafters above the action and feeding Ollie intel, is jumped from behind and abducted.

Keep Your Enemies CloserHe comes to and it's Amanda Waller--she's looking for Lyla Michaels and wants Diggle's help finding her.  If A.R.G.U.S. sends in an extraction team to Russia--where she's believed to have gone missing--it could cause an international incident. Waller wants to find her, but the organization is ready to leave her for dead. She knows how Diggle and Oliver Queen spend their nights, and wants them to find her.

Lyla was tracking Deadshot when she disappeared--Diggle knows that was for her. Waller says she's an asset that can't be easily replaced, and tells Diggle to bring her home.

At the police station, Thea comes to pick up Roy, but not before Quentin decides to let him go because Roy identifies himself as being part of Arrow's team.

Oliver and Felicity are watching a news report; protestors are massing outside of S.T.A.R. Labs in objection to the particle accelerator project; they say that humankind needs to know the risks of a cataclysmic event. Diggle enters, telling the group that he needs a few "personal days" to go look for Lyla and they insist on joining him, using Queen Consolidated as a cover.

Keep Your Enemies CloserFlashing back to his time on the Amazo, Oliver is looking up at Sara when Ivo joins them. She shakes her head at Ollie, telling him not to admit his name. Ivo asks how he came to be on the island, and asks whether Oliver had stumbled across the Japanese submarine. He explains that during World War II, the Japanese had been developing gene therapy trying to create super soldiers. They had developed a serum that caused increased strength and rapid cell regeneration--"Miracle." It was in the sub that ran aground on the island. Oliver growls that Ivo killed his friends, and Ivo says that means it's up to him to help them find the sub.

Boarding Oliver's jet  to Moscow, the group is intercepted by Rochev, who invites herself along on the trip. He promises to bring Lyla back--wherever she is--and there's a quick cut to Lyla in a dank prison, crying.

The plane lands in Moscow, where the group checks in. Rochev tells Oliver that they're meeting with the chief of Moscow operations at 10 a.m., and don't miss it. When he tries to defend himself, she accuses him of using the company jet for "a weekend of fun with your assistant," saying that Felicity wouldn't have been promoted if she wasn't sleeping with him. He denies it completely.

Diggle and Oliver are going to get drinks with Ollie's contact from the Russian mob; Ollie tells Felicity she'll have to go back to the hotel with Rochev.

Jean Loring comes to the club to confront Thea; Roy's arrest got him on reporters' radar and now they know she's dating a known felon. Jean wants Thea to dump him because her mom's whole defense rests on her being perceived as a good person and a good parent.

Keep Your Enemies CloserBack in Russia, Oliver meets up with Knyazev at a club; Knyazev is delighted to see Oliver. In his office, he offers the group a toast to "strength." Diggle tries to abstain but Oliver indicates for him him to take a drink. He provides a photo of Lyla from a gulag. She was apparently trying to break in, but was caught breaking back out. Kushmar--the Nightmare-- is the name of the gulag.  Oliver wants a way in, but Knyazev tells them there is no way to get out once they're in. He tells them the only way in is as a prisoner. He has a guard there who owes him a favor; Diggle insists on going instead of Ollie. Knyazev agrees to give it a try.

Knyazev has provided Diggle with enough drugs to get himself thrown in the gulag when he's caught; Felicity gives him a jacket that he is to wear for processing; the guards will take it, but that's the point. Felicity briefly tries to get Diggle not to go, but he reveals that Lyla was his wife and that even though they separated shortly after they were married, he can't leave Russia without her. She kisses him on the cheek and sends him on his way.

Sitting outside with the bag of drugs, Diggle surrenders to the first cops who come along. Knyazev is watching from a nearby car, and calls Oliver to tell him the cops have him.

At the Gulag, Diggle is led in  and stripped of his coat and effects, which are put in a basket in a storage room. He's shown to a cell, which he'll share with a political dissident. The inmate warns Diggle that black people aren't popular in the gulag.

Keep Your Enemies CloserOllie, Felicity and Knyazev are waiting around when a car and a truck pull up. There's an exchange that goes down in Russian, with Knyazev handing an envelope over, and then the men who he just handed it to holding guns on their group; Knyazev hands over his car keys and puts his hands up. Oliver says something in Russian to one of the men, who looks terrified and hands them their keys back to leave. Oliver tells Felicity when she asks that he said "please."

Back on The Amazo, Knyazev and Oliver are in their adjoining cells, with Knyazev about to tell him about the gulag when Sara comes. She tells him that if they find out they know each other, they'll kill both of them. She tells him about how the ship found and saved her, telling him that she doesn't have a choice but to help them. Oliver wants her help finding Slade and Shado; he tells her they're "not that easy to kill."

Cut to the pair of them on the island; Shado is treating Slade's facial burns. He tries to get her to leave, but she won't, saying that there's nothing she won't do for someone who she cares about. He starts to seize, she says his body temperature is dropping, and she cuddles up against him to keep him warm.

Back at the club, Thea tells Roy that she needs some space. He immediately knows that it's about Jean's visit, but he won't come clean to her about what he's been doing and she tells him that their relationship isn't working for her. He leaves, and she looks guilty.

At the gulag, Diggle sits with his new cellmate at meal time, with lots of people watching him. He's told about a group of people he's meant to steer clear of. He asks where to find the guard who's on Knyazev's take. He gets directed to the man, but the group of prisoners he'd been warned about jump him and after fighting back the guards take him into custody.

Rochev chides Oliver for missing a factory tour when he joins her at a restaurant; he says he was ordering a Russian car he just had to have.  They banter a bit, she downs a shot and orders another.

Keep Your Enemies CloserDiggle is being put in solitary, chained with his arms above his head in a frigid room; he's given six hours, then another is added on when he objects; after the guards leave, another man hanging down the row from him is revealed to be Deadshot.

When Diggle starts freaking out upon seeing Deadshot, Deadshot reveals that he knows why Diggle is there.

Back at the hotel, there's some friendly banter between Oliver and Rochev.

Cut back to the prison, and Diggle works himself out of his bonds with the help of the guard who's on the take, leaving Deadshot behind.

Back at the hotel, Oliver and Rochev bond over the fact that he knows Russian and she grew up here; they end up in bed together.

At the prison, Diggle is working out a plan of attack with the guard when he's killed by Deadshot from behind. Deadshot tells him that now, he's the only one who can lead Diggle to Lyla, and that he knows Diggle has an exit strategy; that he'll help him find Lyla and then they will work their way out together.

Oliver abruptly tells Rochev he has to go, and she tells him he isn't the type who needs to cuddle; he goes to leave, and Felicity is at the door. He starts talking to her and Rochev lets herself out between them, making it clear to Felicity what just happened.

Diggle and Deadshot take out a few guards, and Diggle ends up with a gun.

Outside, Felicity is angry at Oliver for sleeping with Rochev; the truck they're in has no driver, but then Knyazev joins them. Oliver says Diggle should be out in minutes but Knyazev says that Oliver of all people should know it's harder than it looks to break out of prison.

In flashback, Oliver is sleeping in his bunk on the Amazo when Sara comes to him. She leads him out of his cell and he promises Knyazev that he'll come back for the rest of them. Sara leads Oliver to a radio and gives him the opportunity to call Slade and Shado. He calls out on a CB to them; as soon as Shado responds, Ivo and the "warden" come out and say that because he's confirmed his friends are alive, they're now going to go kill them.

At the gulag, Deadshot leads Diggle to Lyla. He unlocks her, and she's amazed to see him. She warns him that Deadshot is here. Deadshot asks what the extraction plan is and Diggle asks what time it is.

A guard is trying on Diggle's jacket in the property room when a device Felicity planted on it explodes, killing three people and blowing a big hole in the prison. She has shut the phones down so guards can't call for help. Outside, Knyazev is ready to give up on them. Inside, Oliver joins their group and helps them take out a group of guards so they can escape.

Knyazev drops Deadshot a few miles from the prison, where Diggle escorts him outside at gunpoint. He won't shoot an unarmed man, though; Deadshot asks him how he thought his brother ended up dead. He reveals that Diggle's brother was the contract, not the person Diggle's brother was protecting. Diggle asks who the client was; Deadshot says he deosn't know their name, just an alias: H.I.V.E.

The jet drops the group back in the U.S., where Rochev is surprisingly unfazed by the addition of Lyla. She doesn't want to talk about what happened with Oliver. Diggle thanks Oliver for having his back.

At Iron Heights, Roy is waiting when Thea shows up to visit Moira, who insists she get back together with Roy and that Jean overstepped her bounds.

Back at Diggle's apartment, Lyla thanks Diggle for coming for her and for working with Deadshot. The pair get into bed together, but she wants to leave and debrief Waller; he tells her to make A.R.G.U.S. wait and have breakfast with him.


Back at Queen, Felicity asks Oliver why he slept with Rochev; he tells her that it didn't mean anything, and that he thinks it's better not to have relationships because of the life he leads.  Felicity is visibly upset, and tells him he deserves better than Rochev.

In the flashback, the warden is about to kill Ollie when Sara stops him. Ivo says to spare Oliver until he can lead them to the graves. Ivo tells Ollie they're going back to the island.