Arrow Star Stephen Amell Teases Midseason Finale: "Not Everybody Makes It"

Arrow Three Ghosts

In a Facebook post from series star Stephen Amell, it's been revealed that there will apparently be a character death in the midseason finale of Arrow, which airs on Wednesday.

It's not clear whose, as Amell is going a fairly non-spoiler route, but it's worth noting that he also says they've got the first-ever fight in the Arrowcave, which could mean that his identity has been compromised. The last time a villain figured out who he was, it was Count Vertigo--who was dead by the end of the episode.

He also says--in something that has little to do with the content of the episode but which is kind of cool to know--that his daughter was born during filming of this episode. Presumably not on set, since comic book "doctors" are notoriously less educated than they tend to advertise.

Here's his full post:

Here's a spoiler free primer for next Wednesday's mid-season finale.


1. Barry Allen. 2. The title Three Ghosts has an obvious Christmas tie-in. 3. I've never been so surprised and happy while reading a script. Ever. 4. First ever fight in the Arrow Cave. 5. My daughter was born while we filmed this episode. 6. Again... Not everybody makes it. 7. It has the title belt as the best episode we've ever done.

I'm sure these 6 days will absolutely FLY BY.