Arrow’s Stephen Amell Wants Robbie Amell As Bruce Wayne

Robbie Amell & Stephen Amell

While there's no indication that Bruce Wayne will appear on an upcoming episode of Arrow, Stephen Amell has a specific actor in mind who he would like to see in the role if it ever happened. During a fan Q&A earlier today, Amell was asked who he would cast as Batman's alter ego, and Amell's choice was one of his own relatives. "Robbie Amell," answered Amell. "Easy pick. He would literally kill me if I said, 'Ben Affleck.' So for the purposes of this Q&A, the answer's Robbie Amell." Speaking of Ben Affleck, Amell was also asked what the chances were of seeing him in the Justice League movie. At first, Amell joked "Oh, this is a new question," before letting out a sigh and moving on to the next question without answering.