Ash vs Evil Dead Recap with Spoilers: The Killer of Killers

The show starts with the burning Brujo’s place, as Amanda and Ruby pull up looking for Ash, who [...]

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The show starts with the burning Brujo's place, as Amanda and Ruby pull up looking for Ash, who they're convinced is the source of all the Evil (though they're not exactly right – or exactly wrong). They investigate the area, and see Ash's trailer driving away after it backfires. One of those rapidly crawling dust evil storm things, now that it can be on the Brujo's property, rushes toward it. It goes into the Brujo's burning skeleton, and moves to attack Amanda.

"Ruby, you double-crosser. The others will never let you get the book for yourself, and neither will I!" it shouts to her, just as it pulls her into the funeral pyre, and explodes. Amanda hops in the car, and Ash's demon hand is missing. "Fuck." And she drives off.

Another Evil crawls through the forest.

Ash, Pablo, and Kelly sit at a bar, as Ash goes to town on some pancakes. "All roads to destroying this Evil lead back to where it began, the cabin," Ash says. Kelly and Pablo are on board, and Ash says they can't go with him as he thinks they'll be in too much danger. They both want payback. "If I die, at least I went out swinging," Kelly says. "If I was a deadite, I'd be honored to have you chop my head off," Pablo says.

An old acquaintance of Ash's named Lem sidles up to them and pulls him away. Amanda, meanwhile, is watching from the car through binoculars. Lem's in a militia, and Ash wants to go to the camp to stockpile some weaponry.

Pablo is acting weird, and Kelly doesn't know why – she doesn't remember that demon-her tried to seduce him. "When you were possessed, you tried to fuck me, then kill me," he tells her. "I didn't know what to make of it, it was confusing." She apologizes, saying she doesn't remember it. He asks her if "any of that was a part of you, or just demon?" just as Ash sits back down.

Amanda is still watching him like a creeper, and calls her coworker telling him where to find Ash. The Evil keeps creeping through the forest.

Pablo and Kelly sit in the trailer and have a chat about his crazy experience. "You tried to seduce me and get me to smoke weed out of a shotgun." "That is awesome." She tells him he's "so sweet and pure" and that she couldn't ever look at him that way. His pendant from his uncle starts shaking, and they hear something knocking. The Necronomicon is trying to get out of the chest Ash keeps it in. They open the chest, and the book leaps out, trying to eat Pablo's pendant. Yipe. It opens to a page when they throw it aside. The evil keeps creeping.

Back in the bar and grill, Ash, tries to tell the waitress he can give her sexual favors instead of paying the check.

Pablo and Kelly have a chat about the book, and Pablo wants to destroy it, but she doesn't think they can, or should.

Despite apparently being turned down, Ash still thinks he's going to the men's room to get laid. Amanda busts into the room with a gun to Ash's back. "I'm not a killer, I kill killers," he says, and starts trying to wrestle the gun away from her, successfully doing so. She knees him in the crotch and throws him face-first into a trench urinal. Oh, good golly that's gross.

She brings Ash out and her coworker comes in too. And uh-oh, looks like the Evil has arrived. The electronics in the bar start going crazy as Ash says "you can't arrest me, I'm the only one who knows how to fight." "Fight what?" the other cop says, just as the Evil bursts in and kills everyone else at the place aside from Amanda and Lem. The other cop goes Deadite, and Amanda starts shooting at him. He throws a kid that ran out of the bathroom into a fan with a quip. The waitress, now also deadite style, starts attacking Ash. He takes the screwdriver out of his new hand and stabs the waitress and the cop a few times. Pablo and Kelly come in and throw ash his chainsaw hand and shotgun. "What, you never saw a guy with a chainsaw hand before?" He chops it through the gut, then shoots it in the head. "Told you I kill killers."

Kelly, meanwhile, goes ape on the waitress Deadite, literally grinding and mashing its head into a meat grinder. Yipe.

Lem runs through the forest alone, terrified. He calls one of the militia guys and says "we need to arm up, because the end is coming." The evil chases him through the forest and it look like the next time we see Lem will be in deadite form.

Ash chats with Amanda. "How's your day going?" "Not great." "Welcome to my world. Walk into a diner, all you want is a pile of hotcakes, and you get a pile of corpses." Ash invites Amanda to come with them. Looks like Amanda's joining the team, but that seems fairly sudden!

What happened to Ruby? Is Amanda legit? Will Ash ever get laid again? Tune in for more next week!