Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 2 NYCC Panel Recap

Moderator: Doug Benson

Panel: Bruce Campbell / Ray Santiago / Dana DeLorenzo / Michelle Hurd / Ted Raimi / Lucy Lawless / Lee Majors

The Ash vs. Evil Dead panel began with the crowd being given foam hand chainsaws, which were put to good use.

Benson started with Lee Majors, asking if he was an Ash or Evil Dead fan before this. His answer, "Nope."

He continued with the story of seeing the first season, which he called a "Bat-shit crazy ride." He was chased down on the lot by Campbell, and told him "I'd love to play your dad."

Campbell gushed about getting an icon like Lee Majors (whom he described as being an 'ass-grabbing ladies man' in his heyday, born with hair on his body and known for his impressive man cleavage.

Bruce Campbell went on to describe where we're at in season 2 – in the way that only Bruce Campbell can. He talked about Ted's character, Ray, and how we shouldn't cheer for him, as he's a dude who leaves women's drinks laced with "K" and never left his hometown.

"Only losers stay in Elk Grove?" Benson asked.

"Yup," Campbell answered.

Campbell signaled out Ted, Raimi, who has appeared all over the Evil Dead franchise (as feet in the original; Possessed Henrietta in EV2; as several extras in Army of Darkness). Campbell used Ted as a jumping off point to tease fans about other faces from the franchise that will be making cameo appearances in AvsED seaon 2. "We know you want your 'Hold Sh*t' moments," Campbell said, assuring fans that the show would deliver just that.

Dana DeLorenzo talked about the types of blood they have to be covered in, and how the show makers are getting more inventive with it (not good for the actors).

Lucy Lawless said she felt "baptized" into the show by the snot, vomit, and blood, projected onto her. "Your not part of the family until that happens." The cast signaled out Linda B. as the one who has managed to stay clean; even Lee Majors "got nuked" said Campbell.

Ray Santiago got the crowd hyped by returning to NYC, his South Bronx home. He says that Pablo will be tortured (even after birthing demons) and will be trying to find redemption. Santiago teased Pablo's upgrade from rusty chainsaw to guns; the ladies teased Santiago being in the buff for most of the season.

"Pablo's body needs its own credits," said Dana DeLorenzo.

Bruce Campbell ended the panel by bashing millennials for not watching cable – while simultaneously promoting the Starz app. "Sorry it took so long!" he yelled.


Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 2 NYCC Panel
(Photo: Starz)
  1. The first question was about season 3 – but Campbell turned that around, telling the asker and other fans that they need to write angry letter to the Starz execs demanding season 3.
  2. Question 2 was about whether Campbell thinks Ash could beat his Burn Notice character; Campbell joked that since all his checks have cleared equally, he doesn't need to pit his characters against one another.
  3. Question 3 was about how it is working with Sam Raimi. Campbell praised him, before veering into saying that Raimi coaches through humiliation and physical abuse. He shared a story about Raimi betraying Toby Maguire while making Spider-Man 2 – it was a sign he liked him!
  4. Question 4 was about the actors and whether they aim to be in the lane of cult-hit TV shows. Ted Raimi joked that no actor sets out to be a "cult actor" and explains how making something crappy can result in a sustainable career.
  5. Question 5 was about Lucy's character arc in season 2 – is she down with Team Ash? Lawless reiterated her vomit baptism and said that getting closer to Pablo and Kelly gets her closer to Ash.
  6. Question 6 was about the George Romero inspirations behind the Evil Dead franchise and Campbell went on a rant about how great and "modern" the original Night of the Living Dead is.
  7. Question 7 was from a hardcore Bruce Campbell fan; Campbell remembered her and made her day with a handkiss and a $10 handout. He told her that eventually there will be more video games spun out of the franchise.
  8. Ted Raimi did a spot-on Lee Majors impression; Lee Majors shocked the crowd by doing a spot-on Ted Raimi impression!
  9. A question about a possible Evil Dead musical episode got the answer from Campbell, "Two words: Season 4."

A question about a second Evil Dead remake movie got the answer from Campbell, that director Fede Alvarez just made this little movie called "Don't Breathe," which made a "shit-ton of money." Campbell was frank about saying "Fede may not need to do that," before adding that if Ash vs. The Evil Dead stays on air long enough, they will need to make features "out of necessity."

...Major Geek Alert: Lucy Lawless did the Xena chant! She hardly ever does it in public anymore!


Campbell took on a fan's question about Star Wars by Jedi mind-wiping the fan, saying that Ash only cares about his own show.

The panel ended with Bruce getting accused of being a good actor by a passionate fan. Bruce handed him the customary $10.

Catch Ash vs. Evil Dead Sundays @ 8/7c on Starz; or download the Starz app (because Bruce Campbell told you to!).