Avengers Alliance Shutting Down On Playdom

Avengers Alliance

The Playdom version of Avengers Alliance, the popular social RPG based on Marvel Comics characters, is shutting down on April 20.

Avengers Alliance players who play on the Playdom website were greeted by a message in their inbox announcing the game’s shut down and that Playdom would not be offering any refunds for further purchases made through the game's marketplace.

The message claims that the game is being shut down so that Playdom can focus on building “more engaging” games, but one has to wonder if this has more to do with the cuts being made to Disney’s interactive entertainment division.

Fans who play Avengers Alliance via Facebook likely have nothing to worry about, however. No announcement was made concerning that version of the game, and, given the movie tie-in push that was announced for the game at SXSW, I’d say it’s in a pretty good place right now.

Avengers Alliance launched Marvel’s vaguely defined social games shared universe that also includes the mobile Avengers Initiative game, as well as Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign, all featuring plots involving the mysterious ISO-8 substance.