Back to the Future Playmobil Review: A Solid Expansion for Kids and Collectors

Back to the Future is one of the most nostalgic franchises to come from the 1980s, and the movie [...]

Back to the Future is one of the most nostalgic franchises to come from the 1980s, and the movie finds new fans by the day. As you can imagine, the film's merchandise sells like mad as fans continue to rake in everything from flying skateboards to self-tying shoes and more. Of course, collectible companies have gotten in on the franchise, and Playmobil's second run at the series is perfect for every kid and collector out there. got the chance to check out several pieces of Back to the Future's second wave of figures. We were sent Marty's pick-up truck alongside the diorama of the hoverboard chase from the film. These sets cost $49.99 USD and $34.99 respectively. So if you are looking to grab some collectibles at a reasonable price, this will do the trick.

bttf playmobile one

As you can see above, the Back to the Future sets don't take up much room once assembled, and their quality is consistent with Playmobil's other pop culture collections. Similar to the Delorean released a while back, Playmobil's version of Marty's truck has some articulation points as its trunk and windows are movable. However, if you were expecting any lights or sounds to come from the truck, this vehicle isn't quite so fancy. The consolation prize comes around thanks to two Playmobil figures of Biff and Jennifer. So if you are wanting to collect the squad, this set will be a must-have.

The second set we checked out goes on to bring another scene from Back to the Future to life. The hoverboard chase is an iconic moment in the Back to the Future franchise, and this set allows Marty to test out his nifty new tech. The set is totally flexible as you can arrange the pieces however you'd like. Complete with figures of Mary and Doc Brown, this set includes the pond from the film which our hero rides around to mess with a young Biff. A futurist motorcycle and cop figure are also included if you want to add some tension to this play set once it is on display.

bttf playmobile two

In comparison to the company's first wave of Back to the Future figures, I can't help but miss the opportunity to add lights to Marty's truck in the same way they were added to the Delorean. However, the quality is just as good this time around, the extra figures will be a fun bonus for kids. As for collectors, these sets are perfect quality for the price, and it will make for a great conversation starter at your next movie night.

If you want to buy these Back to the Future figures, you can find official retailers here through Playmobil.

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