Batman '66 Issue #2 Exclusive Preview Shows Robin Getting A Kiss

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DC Comics has provided with an exclusive preview of Batman '66 Issue #2, which is a new story inspired by the classic Batman TV series. Check out the regular cover to the left, and the variant cover plus the first five pages of the issue below. In Batman '66 Issue #2, it's the middle of summer, so why is an iceberg blocking Gotham harbor? Aided by his new accomplice, Mr. Freeze, the Penguin floats in on a giant iceberg that he declares to be a sovereign nation. Now, in order for ships to pass and commerce to continue, everyone is going to have to pay a toll to "Emperor Penguin." Will the beaked criminal really be able to use diplomatic immunity to pull off this pernicious piracy? Perhaps the most surprising scene though is that Robin the Boy Wonder gets a big kiss from the Penguin's emissary. Batman '66 Issue #2 is written by Jeff Parker with art by Ty Templeton. The regular cover is by Mike Allred, and the variant cover is by Kevin Maguire. Batman '66 Issue #2 is scheduled to be released on Wednesday, August 21, 2013.

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