Batman Arkham: New Year's Eve Invitation Released

Batman Arkham Teaser

Warner Bros. has just made a New Year’s Eve post on their official Batman Arkham Facebook page. Last week, Warner Bros. teased that there was some type of big announcement coming for the popular Batman Arkham game franchise on New Year’s Eve.

There’s some confusion currently over if the latest post is intended as the big announcement or if it is just another tease for an announcement to come later today. Our guess is that it’s just another tease to get fans excited and the real announcement will come soon or at midnight.

The latest tease includes the image in this article, along with the text, “You are cordially invited to the Humanitarian of the Year Awards at the Wayne Manor on New Year’s Eve.” Based on this latest tease, our guess is that the big reveal will be a story DLC for Batman: Arham Origins that ties into the Humanitarian of the Year Awards. What are your guesses?