Batman Painting Sells For $173,000

ramos batman1
(Photo: Mel Ramos)

Batman is a popular enough character that anything he's featured in in the comic art world, there's a good chance it'll go for some money. Though, it's a rarity when it's something like this from artist of this league.

Mel Ramos is a legendary artist in the field of pop art and advertising. He's mostly known for his beautiful pin ups as well as his takes on super heroes that incorporated elements of abstractism and realism.

Wednesday, one of Ramos' early works, entitled "A Sinister Figure Lurks in The Dark" was sold by Heritage Auctions in New York for an astonishing $173,000. Chump change for Bruce Wayne for sure, but to a collector, this is serious business.

ramos batman
(Photo: Mel Ramos)

Leon Benrimon, Heritage’s New York director of modern and contemporary art, says the painting is one of around 50 works Ramos did early in his career of painting superheroes (around 1962). He also says the works are widely considered to be Ramos’ breakout series, according to CBS' Dallas affiliate.

You can check out Ramos' other works at his official website, though be forewarned, it's not entirely safe for work.