"Batman: The Brave and the Bold" to Feature Neil Patrick Harris Tonight!


Don't forget to set those dials, kids of all ages! Tonight's the night that TV/Movie/Online Musical star Neil Patrick Harris expands his presence into animated form, voicing villain The Music Meister on tonight's episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold, which airs on Cartoon Network! The episode airs at 7:30PM tonight, and will focus on the villain who can control people with his voice. Harris has an effective singing voice, as evidenced in several mediums now, so this should be no problem for the widely popular actor. The episode promises tons of cameos from different villains and heroes of the DC universe, some appearing in well-choreographed musical numbers! Harris is the latest celebrity to add his vocal stylings to the show, joining the ranks of names such as Julie Newmar, Tim Matheson, Mark Hammil, Henry Rollins, Paul Reubens, and Jeffrey Tambor. Even former Batman's such as Adam West and Kevin Conroy, who voiced the character on modern classic Batman: The Animated Series. If the appearance proves to be a hit, this may not be the last time we hear from Harris or the Music Meister!