Batman V Superman Breaks Record For Biggest Friday To Sunday Drop For Superhero Movie


Some might think champagne would fall from the heavens, doors would open, and velvet ropes would part for Warner Brothers executives after Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice shrugged off overwhelmingly negative reviews to gross $166M in North America and $254M overseas. But those of them that saw the record-setting plunge in the Friday-to-Sunday figures likely kept the champagne on ice and had to open their own doors.

Batman v. Superman debuted with a whopping $82M on Friday, but it could only muster $37M on Sunday. That's a drop of 55%, which is the worst Friday-to-Sunday drop in North American box office history for a superhero movie. The previous record was 48%, set last year by Josh Trank's Fantastic Four reboot.

You might be thinking that Sunday was the Easter holiday, which could account for the big Sunday drop. But that still wouldn't explain the Friday-to-Saturday decline of 38%, which was the second worst opening Friday-to-Saturday drop in the annals of superhero releases, after a 40% dip for The Dark Knight Rises. - Forbes

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