Batman V Superman's Jesse Eisenberg Worked With A Naked Michael Shannon Dummy

Lex Luthor BVS

In Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Lex Luthor actor Jesse Eisenberg spent a lot of time with Man of Steel's Michael Shannon. Actually, that's not accurate. He spent a lot of time with a naked wax dummy of Michael Shannon.

During a discussion with Conan alongside the rest of the Batman V Superman cast, Eisenberg went into detail about his experience with the naked dummy, much to Conan's hilarious dismay.

"Jesse: Not only was it nude, but the genitals and they were not his genitals I was told, were

Conan: Jesse what are you talking about

Jesse: Like he had a perfectly accurate

Conan: This was a dummy. It's like a wax dummy.

Jesse: Yes, but like this movie was crafted by the greatest artisans, so every hair on his body was like an accurately placed hair."

The clip is quite funny, just for how awkward Conan plays everything up, and Eisenberg is almost just as twitchy here as he was in Batman V Superman. You can watch the entire clip above.

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