The Big Bang Theory Recap with Spoilers: The Matrimonial Momentum

“Women are the worst.” Sheldon explains to Leonard that Amy broke up with him, cutting him [...]

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The episode opens with Leonard and Penny at the Las Vegas chapel, picking out a wedding package for their impromptu ceremony. Sheldon calls and urges Leonard not to go through with the marriage, as (in his words) "Women are the worst." Sheldon explains to Leonard that Amy broke up with him, cutting him even deeper than a papercut. Penny calls Amy to make sure she's okay, but Amy seems more upset that she wasn't invited to the wedding than her breakup with Sheldon.

After a commercial break, Sheldon arrives unexpectedly at Amy's apartment right as she's leaving. Sheldon seems to think 11 hours is enough time for Amy to contemplate their relationship (saying that Amy thought that the 11 hour The Lord of the Rings trilogy was what she called an eternity) but Amy says she'll call him when she wants to talk. When Amy accepts Sheldon's offer to walk her to Howard and Bernadette's to watch Leonard and Penny's wedding (they picked a package with a streaming option), Sheldon tries to connive her into taking him back, but Amy isn't having any of that.

At the chapel, Leonard and Penny's wedding is running behind, so Leonard offers to take Penny over to the breakfast buffet at the strip club next door. Leonard asks if Penny still wants to get married and then asks if she's okay with his revelation (from last season's finale) that he made out with a random co-worker a few years ago. Penny says she's okay, but she doesn't exactly look like someone who's thrilled about walking down the aisle.

The rest of the gang (plus Stuart) has gathered at Howard and Bernadette's home to watch the wedding. Bernadette comforts Amy about the breakup, while Howard sets up the TV to watch the wedding (Sidenote: why wouldn't Howard already have his TV hooked up to the Internet? What sort of nerd is this guy?). Sheldon arrives at the house, but doesn't come inside as Amy said that it would be "too awkward" for everyone. However, he's perfectly content with lurking outside, leading Howard to shutting the curtains on him. Sheldon's a bit put off that "everyone else" was invited and when Amy tries to correct him, Raj arrives from the kitchen with hot cinnamon rolls.

Back at the chapel, the minister runs through the planned ceremony with Leonard and Penny. Leonard notes their wedding package included rose petals strewn on the floor, but an off-screen manager says they're out and offers to substitute potpourri from the bathroom. As the gang watches the beginning of the ceremony from Howard and Bernadette's living room, Sheldon tries to force the gang to pick sides between him and Amy. Since Bernadette is on Amy's side, Sheldon tries picking Howard before settling on Raj (Stuart doesn't get picked at all).

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The ceremony begins and Leonard and Penny exchange vows. Leonard predictably goes with a science theme with his vows, while Penny quotes the lyrics to Randy Newman's "You've Got a Friend With Me" from Toy Story, which makes Leonard cry. Back in the living room, Sheldon keeps pushing Amy to make up her mind about their recent breakup. After Sheldon makes a comment about her soon to expire eggs, Amy breaks up with Sheldon once and for all and storms out of the room. Bernadette goes to comfort Amy while Raj takes Sheldon home, leaving Howard and Stuart as the only people to actually see Leonard and Penny say "I do."

With the ceremony complete, Leonard and Penny return to their hotel room and Leonard (barely) carries Penny over the threshold. While they try to consummate their marriage, Penny is still hung up over Leonard admitting he had kissed another woman. Things go downhill when Leonard offhandedly mentions that the two are coworkers and not even Leonard's suggestion that they stop fighting, dim the lights and get to babymaking can save their wedding night.

Sheldon calls his mother and tells her that he and Amy broke up. Sheldon offers to send the engagement ring (it's a family heirloom) he was going to give Amy back home, but Sheldon's mother insists that he not be too hasty.

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Bernadette, Howard and Stuart all continue to comfort Amy over the breakup. Stuart uses the opportunity to hit on Amy in an especially creepy manner, leading to plenty of awkward looks all around.

Leonard and Penny arrive back at the apartment building, still fighting over Leonard's kiss with a co-worker. Leonard makes a crack at Penny's weight before storming into his apartment building (a charmer, that one). Seeing Leonard miserable, Sheldon makes a crack that marriage seems to agree with him.

Later on, Sheldon brings Amy some tea to talk about their respective love lives. After discovering that Leonard's ex-"fling" is their co-worker Mandy Chou, Sheldon comforts Penny by saying that Mandy's way out of Leonard's league. Sheldon then offers to date Mandy to take her off the market and simultaneously teach Amy and Leonard a lesson. Sheldon gets upset after discovering that Penny knew Amy was going to break up with him, and storms out when Penny mentions how poorly he's treated Amy over the years.

The episode ends with Leonard and Sheldon commiserating about their lady problems back at the apartment. Sheldon lists 100 reasons why men are better than women and proclaims that Marie Curie was an honorary man who had a "penis made of science", while Leonard admits that he messed up with Penny and miserably says that he can't believe he's spending his wedding night with Sheldon. Always wanting to getting the last word in, Sheldon says he's never imagined Leonard's wedding night going any other way.