Black Widow And Punisher To Crossover In "Friend From Foe" This August

Black Widow and the Punisher will come face to face in “Friend From Foe,” a new story running [...]

Black Widow #9

Black Widow and the Punisher will come face to face in "Friend From Foe," a new story running in the pages of Black Widow #9 and The Punisher #9 this August. The story is written by Nathan Edmonson, the regular writer of both ongoing series, with art from Phil Noto and Mitch Gerads. "Both stories led us to a place where a crossover was possible at just about the same time," says Nathan Edmondson in an interview with "We knew fans were clamoring for it from the beginning, but we didn't want to rush into it – when it was a natural time, we came up with a really unique way to launch into it." Circling the same sinister syndicate put the Punisher and Black Widow on a collision course with each other. A collision course that will lead them to an oil tanker full of dangerous explosives and even more dangerous information! Not to mention deadly mercenary Crossbones and his Skull Squad are just waiting for their chance to strike! "Frank and Natasha are a really interesting pair to combine together," continued Edmondson. "On the one hand, they seem to exist in the same kind of heroic/antiheroic space in the Marvel Universe, but at some point the similarities stop and the disparity begins, and the tug and pull between those two ends will be at play here." Marvel seems to be fond of pairing Natasha Romanov and Frank Castle together recently. The "Friend From Foe" crossover comes not long after the release of the Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher animated film. The "Friend From Foe" crossover story, running in Black Widow #9 and The Punisher #9, will be released this August. BLACK WIDOW #9 Written by NATHAN EDMONDSON Art & Cover by PHIL NOTO On-Sale This August! THE PUNISHER #9 Written by NATHAN EDMONDSON Art & Cover by MITCH GERADS On-Sale This August!

The Punisher #9