Blackest Night HeroClix on the Way!


Can't get enough undead fun? Wish YOU could play the part of a zombie villain hell-bent on vengeance and a tasty human heart? You're in luck! WizKids has announced the May 2010 release of a new entry into the HeroClix universe when the DC HeroClix Blackest Night Starter game lands in your comic book and gaming stores this spring! Even if you've never picked up a HeroClix game before, this game provides a great entry point, and a really cool starter pack, to initiate you into the game of strategy and battle between some of your favorite fictional characters. Included in the starter pack are seven HeroClix miniatures that each come with their own character card. The seven characters are some of the biggest names in the DCU: Hal Jordan's Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, The Scarecrow, Lex Luthor, The Flash, The Atom, and Mera, all of them in their deputy lantern costumes! Not sure how to play? No worries! Each starter game comes with a 2010 rule book, along with six object tokens, twelve terrain markers, two six-sided dice and an all-new Green Lantern Siencells map! To bone up on the game before the May 12 release, check out