BOOM! Studios Announces Deep State By Justin Jordan, Answers "Who Covered It Up?"

Following up the #WhoCoveredItUp viral campaign, writer Justin Jordan and BOOM! Studios today announced the upcoming release of Deep State, which Jordan described on Facebook as "evil X-Files."

Featuring art byAriela Kristantina, Deep State will follow the exploits of protagonist John Harrow as he winds his way through the bizarre world of American conspiracy theory.

According to Comic Book Resources, "Harrow works for the government as a secret keeper, traveling the United States to ensure the nation's deepest and darkest experiments stay hidden from the public eye."

Jordan spoke with them about the series, which debuts in mid-November.


"The first thing we learn in the very first issue is that the 1969 moon landing was real, unlike the conspiracy theory, but it was actually the third time we'd been to the moon, and the part of the mission you didn't see was them recovering the bodies from the last trip," Jordan explained. "In the real world, the U.S. government has gotten into some extremely shady shit. The version of the government in "Deep State" is just as shady, but somewhat better at not letting them get out. Although I have no proof that someone like John Harrow doesn't exist in the real world."