Brian Michael Bendis Appears on Late Night With Seth Meyers

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Marvel Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis made his first appearance ever on Late Night with Seth Meyers last night, discussing Marvel's upcoming event Secret Wars event and the Playstation Network adaptation of Powers .

When discussing Marvel's Secret Wars event, Bendis echoed the company's announcements during its live event at Midtown Comics yesterday. Namely, the Marvel Universe and Ultimate Marvel Universe will meld into one for Secret Wars, drastically changing the Marvel landscape for the 12-part event and beyond.

"Going forward, the Marvel Universe will not be like it is right now," Bendis told Meyers.

Bends also discussed the process of bringing his creator-owned series, Powers, to the Playstation Network as a digitally-exclusive television series. The first three episodes of Powers will be available on its launch day, with subsequent episodes releasing once a week.

You can check out the Secret Wars portion of Bendis' discussion below, where he also reminisces about the media frenzy that surrounded Miles Morales' debut as Ultimate Spider-Man.


Powers premieres the Playstation Network on March 10, and Secret Wars #1 hits comic shops in May.