Captain America: The Winter Soldier Star Evans Praises Redford on Tonight Show


OnThe Tonight Show just now, host Jay Leno convinced Chris Evans to speak briefly about Captain America: The Winter Soldier, his forthcoming Marvel sequel.

While he didn't give Leno any new information on the movie, he did confirm for the Tonight Show audience that Robert Redford is appearing in the film, and gave his assessment of the screen legend.

"He's unbelievable, he's amazing. I mean, he's Robert Redford--he's an icon!" Evans gushed. "I grew up on Jeremiah Johnson, which was a huge movie from my youth. He's just so fantastic. You know, sometimes you work with people who are of that status that don't quite live up and it's really depressing....Sometimes you meet people and it's a disappointment. And he's just so fantastic--he's not just a great actor; he's a great director. I mean, he's done so many things. He showed up on the set for our movie so prepared and so professional and's like it was his first job. It's really inspiring."

Also on the show tonight--Kevin Smith. Expect more news...