Captain Power Fan Night To Be Held Tomorrow in Burbank

Phoenix Rising Logo

Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future

, the cult-hit '80s series largely written by comic book mainstay J.M. Straczynski, is set to return soon as Phoenix Rising, once again under the direction of original series creator Gary Goddard. To celebrate both the old series and the new, producers are holding a Captain Power Fan Night in Burbank tomorrow. You can see the poster at right for more details. They're giving away soundtracks, DVDs, clothing and commemorative pins to fans who come to see cast, crew and creators of the original and revamped versions of the series live and in person.


Tim Dunigan, who played Captain Jonathan Power, is set to appear, as well as stars Bruce Gray, Sven-Ole Thorsen, creator Gary Goddard and more. You can find more details, new guests, and RSVP to the event via their Facebook page, and the first 87 fans to come in get a commemorative Captain Power Fan Night pin. The series, set in the years after mankind went to war with intelligent machines and lost, set Captain Jonathan Power against Lord Dread, a formerly-human man who was friends with Power's father until the two of them came to blows over how to best deal with the seemingly-inevitable victory of the machines. Dread allowed himself to be subsumed by the enemy, while Power chose to soldier on and try to save humanity. "Power Suits themselves are seen as another variation of thinking machines, linking completely to the human system of its wearer," creator Gary Goddard said when Phoenix Rising was announced. "More than ever, Phoenix Rising explores life and death issues, issues of what makes humanity different, or better or worse, than thinking machines? We explore the issues first introduced 25 years ago, in what we thought was a 'sci-fi adventure' based on a world that could not really be. 25 years later we see we were close to the future than we thought (hopefully not the apocalyptic part), and so we decided to lock our story into the real events that are transpiring now."