Check Out Nat Geo's 'Mars' Season 2 Incredible 360-Degree Set Tour

If you missed Season One of Nat Geo's Mars, it's time that you catch up. What better way to do that than with a 360-degree set tour?

The hybrid fiction/documentary series is filming Season Two as we speak, in which everything is bigger. The cast has grown from a small group to dozens. The colony (spoilers, yes they survived) they're building has expanded, and so has the intrigue.

The show is no longer just a mission to survive, but one to grow. And the sets show that Nat Geo is all in for Season 2. I got to see the sets first hand, and they are amazing. The attention to detail is greater than a lot of film sets I've seen -- down to the barcode stickers that inform crew members of part numbers and give them warnings. will have full coverage with interviews, set photos, and even giveaways as filming continues and we can release more information about the new season which will air in Spring 2018. For now, please check out this incredible 360 LIVE tour of the Mars Season Two colony set.


The first season is available now on DVD and on Amazon streaming.