Chris Evans & Chris Pratt Hanging Out Together At The Super Bowl

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Marvel Studios actors Chris Pratt and Chris Evans are taking a time-out from the Marvel Universe to hang during this year's Super Bowl.

The two posted several images of their time together at the University of Phoenix stadium as The New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks vied for the League championship title. Evans, who plays Captain America, is a Patriots fan, and Pratt, who plays Star-Lord, is a Seahawks fan.

The duo's hang-out at the Big Game caps off their week's worth of friendly Twitter battling. The two stars made a bet over social media that if the other actor's team lost, then they would have to visit the winning team's city dressed as their Marvel Comics character. The barbs became an online sensation, with fan art of Star-Lord's helmet outfitted with Seattle colors even appearing.

You can check out their Super Bowl bromance below, where Pratt's wife and fellow actress Anna Farris also joined.


That it is, Anna Farris. That it is.