Code Monkey Save World Kickstarter Triples Its Goal, Expands the Book

In the first five days of its 30-day run, the Kickstarter campaign for Greg Pak, Jonathan Coulton and Takeshi Miyazawa's Code Monkey Save World graphic novel more than tripled its initial funding goal of $39,000, leaving the organizers with a question: besides just printing more books, what do you do with the extra funds? Well, the answer came via their Kickstarter page on Tuesday:

"Because of the incredible response, we've been able to increase the page count of the book from 60 to 80 pages! That's 4 covers, 66 story pages, and 10 pages of extras and other awesome stuff! Also: everyone who backs a reward that needs to be mailed gets stickers! Stickers all 'round!"

...and a bit more on Friday:

"Please note that the trade paperbacks included in all rewards at the $50 level and above will be SIGNED by Jonathan Coulton and Greg Pak. Also, all rewards at $50 and above will include PDFs of several short comic book stories written by Greg Pak, including 'The Citizen' drawn by Bernard Chang and the 'Rio Chino' stories drawn by Ian Kim and Sean Chen."

And that's not all. According to Pak's Google Plus and Twitter accounts, there will be another announcement regarding the project coming on Monday. It's not yet clear when, although last week he announced (and launched the Kickstarter) at 9 a.m. EST, so we'll keep our eyes open for that...