Comic Book Men’s Secret Stash Survives Superstorm Sandy

Comic Book Men Secret Stash

As fans of Kevin Smith’s Comic Book Men know, the comic book store Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash is located in New Jersey. In specific, the Secret Stash is located in Red Bank, New Jersey, where Hurricane Sandy pushed the Navesink River over its banks flooding nearby streets, businesses and homes.

While not located directly on the Navesink River, the Secret Stash is only a couple streets away from part of the river. Fortunately, it looks like the Secret Stash was not one of the businesses affected by the flooding from the superstorm.

Comic Book Men producer and Secret Stash owner Kevin Smith is crediting Batman with protecting the Secret Stash from the superstorm. Earlier today, Smith tweeted, “Just got a report from Ernie "Rick Derris" O'Donnell: Jay & Silent Bob's Secret Stash is thus far unscathed by Sandy. Batman protected us!”