Comic-Con Cosplay: Top Ten Costumes

Tonight is the big Comic-Con Masquerade costume show. The master and mistress of ceremonies will be five-time Hugo Award-winning artists and writers Phil Foglio and Kaja Foglio. The Comic-Con Masquerade will feature solo and group costume re-creations from movies, TV, anime, computer games, history, and comic books. There will also be completely original designs as well.

At the Comic-Con Masquerade costume show, Olympics-style Comic-Con Masquerade medallions will be presented in categories of Best in Show, Judges' Choice, Best Re-Creation, Best Original Design, Best Workmanship, Best Presentation, Most Beautiful, and Best Young Fan.

We’ll have photos from the Comic-Con Masquerade later, but has been at Comic-Con all week long snapping photos of some great costumes in and around the convention center. We’ve compiled the top ten costume photos at Comic-Con so far, as taken by photographer Zach Roberts.

Cosplay Leeloo

10. Leeloo from The Fifth Element

Cosplay Judge Dredd

9. Judge Dredd and Judge Anderson

Cosplay TinTin

8. TinTin

Cosplay Bane

7. Bane

The Joker

6. The Joker

Booster Gold and Blue Beetle

5. Blue Beetle & Booster Gold

Cosplay Western Flash

4. Gunslinger Flash

Cosplay Catwoman & Poison Ivy

3. Catwoman & Poison Ivy

Cosplay Hawkeye


2. Hawkeye

Cosplay hipster Darth Vader & Boba Fett

1. Hipster Boba Fett & Darth Vader