Kicking Off Toy Drive With $20,000 Donation


Almost daily receives toys, subscription boxes and collectibles from toy manufactures and distributors. This brought up the question of what should we do after these toys have been reviewed? Often they are given to staff and their families. Somehow they just disappear ;-)

We want to make sure these toys find a special home going forward and also build an express lane for staff and friends of to distribute toys and collectibles to children and families in need, especially during the holiday season.

We are kicking off this opportunity to serve our local community with a 7-day toy drive, starting today at Noon and ending on Wednesday, December 13th. We’ve vetted and selected four very deserving charities for 2017 (listed below).

Falon and I are donating $10,000 to this drive and the investors of along with ComicBook Chairman William “Bill” King have agreed to match our donation, insuring that we have a starting point of $20,000 of toys, electronics and sports equipment to distribute this holiday season.

But we want more and need your help! We are asking that all staff and friends of pick up a toy (or electronics and sports equipment) and drop it off at our offices.

We will keep you updated along the way. Thank you for your help!

Shannon B. Terry


Pop Culture Media ( and
6 Cadillac Drive, Suite 320
Brentwood, Tennessee 37027
Office Delivery Contact: Jevin Moore
Time: Between 9 AM and 4 PM -- December 5 through December 13.
Questions about what to give: Meredith O’Brien (email:


PLEASE make sure your toy donation is something good, something sturdy, something memorable and something that you would personally give your child or personal friend. Remember, in many cases, this may be one of the only few items these children receive this holiday season. Also, be sure to think of older kids too, especially teens. Another good idea are batteries. A bundle of batteries would be a great donation for all the toys that will need them. If your toy requires batteries, get those as well and attach to gift


The Children's Hospital at TriStar Centennial -
New children's hospital in Nashville with 30 beds for newborns to late teens.


The Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt - 271 bed facility newborns to late teens. Champs Holiday House opens for parents to "shop" for the patient as well as the siblings of the patient for free. Both hospitals will accept toys for all ages but are in need of infant and older teen gifts. Centennial and Vandy are typically at capacity during the holidays.

ProjectNENA - Started in 2015 by Lindsey Langley when she realized the children in her neighborhood were in an economically depressed family and could not afford gifts for Christmas. Project NENA assisted 40 children the first year and has grown to 300 children this holiday season. These children are in need of basic clothing items as well as age appropriate toys. Project NENA serves the children in Northeast Nashville (NENA). The parents/guardians must complete an application indicating their need for assistance.