ComicsPRO Power Ranger Variant An Homage To Green Ranger History

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(Photo: BOOM!/Goñi Montes)

ComicsPRO has revealed its exclusive cover to BOOM! Studios' Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers #0 comic set to hit stands next Wednesday. Artist Goñi Montes has provided a series of variants displaying the rangers and their helmets with their specific Zord shown in their visor.

Writer Kyle Higgins has expressed the comic, for the moment, is essentially a "Green Ranger: Year One" story. He's also had a no comment on whether or not Lord Zedd would make an appearance later. The variants range all over the place, including a very rare White Ranger cover, which is Tommy Oliver's second Ranger identity. The thing about that though is that the White Ranger comes way later, after Zedd has already been established and Tommy has his own White Tiger Thunderzord.

The reason there's a White Ranger at all coincides with what's on the ComicsPRO cover. Take a look.

MightyMorphinPowerRangers 000 Variant ComicsPRO-720x1107
(Photo: BOOM!/Goñi Montes)

You'll see that it's Jason, the Red Ranger, with Tommy's shield and Dragon Dagger. Fans of the series will remember that Tommy's Green Ranger powers were diminished by the Green Flame Candle, which Rita used to sever Tommy from the Power. There was a loophole in that another Ranger could take the Green Ranger's powers if they fused together. Jason, being the obvious choice given their relationship, was chosen to receive Tommy's Power Coin. Tommy left the team briefly as Jason took control of both the Tyrannosaurus Zord and the Dragonzord in Tommy's absence.

Of course, in the original Super Sentai Zyuranger, which the Mighty Morphin' series is based on, Burai the DragonRanger was killed in battle. However, before he died he passed his weapons and powers to Geki, the TyrannoRanger, who was also his brother.

Eventually Higgins will have to cover this arc, but does this cover hint at it coming sooner than later, or is it just simply that: a cover?

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers #0 hits stores January 13th.