Constantine To Include Doctor Thirteen and Felix Faust in Upcoming Episodes

How deeply will the producers of NBC's Constantine delve into the supernatural side of the DC Universe?

Well, according to producers Daniel Cerone and David Goyer, Doctor Thirteen will appear in upcoming episodes of the series.

Dr. Terrence Thirteen was an occult investigator known as a "ghost breaker," who worked to debunk supernatural phenomena he believed to be myths and hoaxes. He frequently worked alongside the Phantom Stranger, in whom he also didn't believe. Eventually, he would have a daughter, Traci Thirteen, who briefly dated Blue Beetle.

There was no immediate word on who will be cast in the role, or that of Felix Faust, a powerful, evil mystic who has been known to menace the Justice League. While Faust had been mentioned back in October as a potential foe for Constantine, Dr. Thirteen had not previously been announced. 


They also said that the series has four Papa Midnite episodes (including one that will feature a Haitian voodoo zombie) and two episodes with Jim Corrigan planned so far, with the possibility for more as they haven't finished writing all 22 episodes yet.