Cookies & Creme Twix Officially Returning

cookies and creme twix
(Photo: Mars)

The '90s were a great time for candy and junk food, but unfortunately, many of our favorite treats from what some would argue is the best decade ever have long gone the way of dial up internet service. However, there's one favorite treat that is making a comeback. Cookies & Creme Twix are officially returning to store shelves -- though we do have to wait just a bit longer for the treats to hit store shelves.

According to Delish, Mars has confirmed that Cookies & Creme Twix will be back beginning in January 2020. It's a date that is a bit later than the previously-rumored December date. The treat appears to be an updated version of the '90s version of the flavor, officially described as having "an all-new, soft-creme center packed with crunchy cookie bits." That filling will, like original flavor Twix, be covered in milk chocolate. Crunchy, chewy, chocolatey? We're in.

Even with the center being described as all-new, as we've noted the concept of the Cookies & Creme Twix isn't itself new. It was originally released in 1990 around the same time as several other Twix flavor offerings -- including Chocolate Fudge Twix and Peanut Butter Twix. However, the flavor only remained on shelves for a few years. Ever since, Cookies & Creme Twix has popped up on many "Discontinued Foods We Want Back" types of lists.

Now if we can just get Doritos 3D back...


Cookies & Creme Twix will return in January 2020.

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