Dark Horse and Janet Evanovich Concoct a "Racy" Comic!


Another widely popular author is making the move to collaborate with a comic book publisher! Mystery writer Janet Evanovich, best known for her work featuring heroine Stephanie Plum (who debuted in One for the Money) is partnering with Dark Horse Comics for a graphic adaptation of the adventures of her character Alex Barnaby, according to the Los Angeles Times. Barnaby, who debuted in the novel Metro Girl, is a woman in a predominately man's world, working as a mechanic in the world of NASCAR. Right away Evanovich, a fan of comic books herself, knew there was something about this series saying, "When I wrote Metro Girl that was really when we looked at it, and we thought this would be a fabulous comic. It was so visual, we could see the flashy cars and the sexy scruffy guy and the entire dynamic we felt would really lend itself to the comic book." Evanovich told the Times that right now she is looking at doing two books in the illustrated series, with the potential for more. The first book, currently on track to premier in July of 2010, is in its early stages with the artistic representation already in discussion. "This is an action comic," she said. "We want the action not just to be shown through what they do and what they say and by ‘ka-pow!’ We actually think it’s very important that these figures portray movement an action and fluidity." Look for Evanovich to promote her work at the 2010 Comic Con, just in time for its release! Image courtesy of the Ventura County Star and Karen Lindell