Dark Knight 3 In the Planning Stages From Frank Miller and Scott Snyder

Sin City and 300 creator Frank Miller may return one more time to the world of his seminal 1980s graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns.

An as-yet-untitled sequel is in the works, set in the world of The Dark Knight Returns and its sequel The Dark Knight Strikes Again. It would reportedly be co-written by Miller and current Batman writer Scott Snyder.

Bleeding Cool, who broke the news, say that Miller is in poor health and another artist would likely have to draw the series. ComicBook.com was able to independently verify that the project is in development, but little else.

DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee previously drew All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder, a series which Miller wrote and has said was set in the same world as the Dark Knight stories. Both All-Star and Strikes Again were critically panned, but they were sales successes and The Dark Knight Returns is considered one of the great Batman stories ever written. He is among a number of candidates who have worked with Snyder rumored to be candidates to replace Miller on art duties, including Batman artist Greg Capullo and The Wake's Sean Gordon Murphy.

Miller is currently serving as a consultant on Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, in which some of the conflict between the title characters is reported to be inspired by The Dark Knight Returns.


The story of the project is rumored to revolve around Carrie Kelley, who ws introduced in The Dark Knight Returns as Robin. Kelley, now in her own advanced years, is looking for a successor to take over as Gotham's protector..