DC Announces Major News During Editorial Presentation at Comic-Con

Saturday's DC Editorial Panel at Comic-Con proved to be one that fans were waiting for. DC made [...]

Saturday's DC Editorial Panel at Comic-Con proved to be one that fans were waiting for. DC made some major announcements about upcoming projects and characters, many that have already sparked rumors and cries of joy from readers and fans of long established properties, such as the Justice League. The biggest announcement about DC's most well-known super team came in the form of a few reveals as to who will be in the lineup for James Robinson's take on the costumed crimefighters! Revealed in the lineup will be Donna Troy, Green Lantern Hal Jordan, Batman (still not Bruce Wayne folks!) and Superman character Mon-El. While certainly an interesting group, speculation has already begun as to who else will fill out this roster of heroes. In looking at the Flash, and his various incarnations, many speculate that a speedster of some sort will be on the team but for now readers will have to be comforted with knowing who will be taking on writing duties for some of these characters! Geoff Johns will be writing a Flash monthly series and Sterling Gates will take on the character of Kid Flash! Big news, especially for those who are fans of both Johns and Flash! In other writing news, Anthrax member Scott Ian will be heading up a Lobo series, saying that he will do everything he can to make this an exciting book, and he also expressed interest in maybe writing Batman at some point. Noted writer Gail Simone also spoke about plans for Wonder Woman, saying that major things are happening with her and adversary Ares, God of War. The Amazon heroine will also be making an appearance in the Simone-penned Secret Six as well! A major announcement was DC's acquisition of T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents, a team of superheroes started in the 1960's by now defunct Tower Comics. Considered a unique brand of hero in their day, T.H.U.N.D.E.R Agents will make an exciting addition to the modern DCU, but no creative team can be announced at this time since the deal was sealed only within the past several days, but fans were promised that the characters would make appearances in other DC books first! Big news, big highlights and big characters! What more can you ask for from a Comic-Con panel!!