DC Comics Character Eliza Harmon To Appear On The Flash


Eliza Hamilton, a speedster known as Trajectory and introduced during the fan-favorite series 52, will join The Flash, TVLine reports.

According to the site, Hamilton's TV version will be an "exceptionally bright scientist" with a "split personality a la Jekyll and Hyde."

In the comics, Harmon was given speed powers by Lex Luthor as part of the Everyman Project, where he gave a large number of people drugs to bring out their metagene in order to replace Superman, when he vanished following the events of Infinite Crisis. She died shortly after, as did most of the Everyman subjects.

It seems likely she will be a volunteer when Harrison Wells starts testing out his Velocity 9 serum later in the season, given Jay Garrick's reluctance to be a part of such an experiment.

A number of Everyman survivors went on to form Infinity Inc, a group whose name has long ties with Earth-2, which might raise some eyebrows given that Earth-2 has such a presence on this season on The Flash. That iteration of the team was led by Natasha Irons, whose uncle John Henry Irons used to work at Amertek, a company whose logo appeared on the Season One poster for The Flash.