DC Comics Exclusive Preview: Red Lanterns #12

Red Lanterns #12 cover

Check out Comicbook.com’s exclusive preview of Red Lanterns #12 from DC Comics. Above is the cover which promises "The Savage Madness of Abysmus," and we’ve got the first three pages of the issue below.

“Nectar” is the story title for Red Lanterns #12. In this issue, Bleez is a captive of the Star Sapphires, and Rankorr is poisoned, dying and lost in space. Also, you don’t want to miss Atrocitus’s final, blood-spattered battle with Abysmus.

Red Lanterns #12 is written by Peter Milligan. Interior art is by Miguel A. Sepulveda with colors by Rain Beredo and Santi Arcas. The cover is by Miguel A. Sepulveda and Rain Beredo. Red Lanterns #12 is 32 full color pages and is scheduled to arrive in comic book stores on Wednesday, August 1, 2012.

Red Lanterns #12 Page 1 Red Lanterns #12 Page 2

Red Lanterns #12 Page 3