DC Universe Online: Amazon Fury Part I Out Now

The tenth DLC pack for DC Universe Online, Amazon Fury Part I, is available for purchase now on [...]

DC Universe Online - Amazon Fury Part I

The tenth DLC pack for DC Universe Online, Amazon Fury Part I, is available for purchase now on PS3, PS4 and PC. We got a peak at the DLC earlier today during a special Twitch TV livestream with Senior Creative Director Jens Andersen. The story of Amazon Fury Part I - the first in a new trilogy of DLC content - is that, enraged by Brainiac's attack on Paradise Island, Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, blames the mortal world for Brainiac's crimes and plots a counterstrike against Gotham with her new ally, Circe. Her own daughter, Wonder Woman, has rallied an army of Amazons that will defend the people of Gotham City, and try to help their Queen see reason. Players will be divided along those lines, with the villains assisting Circe and Hippolyta while the heroes join up with Wonder Woman's rebels. "Wonder Woman and Circe have always had a dynamic relationship, and our players have experienced a bit of that with past content in DCUO," says Andersen. "By introducing Wonder Woman's mother, Hippolyta, to the mix, we are further fueling their tumultuous relationship, and I think players are going to thoroughly enjoy watching the Amazon Fury storyline unfold." The background of this conflict is largely revealed through two new Solo Iconic Vision missions. Players will take control either Wonder Woman or Circe to play through the events that took place prior to the Amazon Civil War. South Gotham has been encased in a magical bubble and is being invaded by Hippolyta's army, but the addition of Paradise Island really stands out for the amount of variety it adds to the games environments. So much of the game is played on the city streets of Gotham and Metropolis that being able to traverse an island with palm trees and natural springs and waterfalls, with buildings that architecturally resemble an ancient castle or temple more than a modern skyscraper, is a welcome change of pace. Additionally, the enemies faced in the DLC show some nice variety, including creatures from Greek myth such as satyrs and a phoenix. They've also introduced new Duo missions and a new Alert that will have players attacking or defending the palace district of Themyscira for the first time. The alert features an interesting twist where players are able to influence the order in which they face down five different bosses. One will show up at random and, once defeated, shields will appear. Which shield the players choose to take will decide which boss they face next. The final boss, whichever one it is, will be more powerful than those that came before, so deciding what order to face the bosses in can change the outcome of a mission. The DLC also adds several new Amazonian gear styles for anyone looking to give their character a classical flair. Amazon Fury Part I looks like it will continue the DC Universe Online trend of strong, story based downloadable content. The DLC is available for purchase now to all free-to-play players.