Dead Mann Walking Zombie Series In Works At CBS


Continuum creator Simon Barry will adapt Dead Mann Walking, a novel in which a man wrongly convicted of killing his wife is resurrected as an undead private detective and put to work locating the real killer.

While he won't have to eat brains to keep him firing on all cylinders, it sounds like CBS is trying to move in on territory currently occupied by The CW's iZombie, also a police procedural in which the main character is a crime-solving zombie.

Of course, in iZombie, the zombies are called that by name by the few people who know they exist. In Dead Mann Walking, they won't use the z-word, but the "second class citizens" are apparently something that are widely acknowledged to exist.

Based on a novel by Stefan Petrucha, Barry will write the script as well as producing along with Simon Hegyes, according to THR.

Besides iZombie, a similar concept is to be employed in FOX's 2016 series Lookinglass.