Deadpool After The Credits Scene Confirmed


On Monday, attendees at two Deadpool movie fan events were treated to early screenings of the entire Deadpool movie. Early fan reaction to the screenings has been overwhelmingly positive with words like "best" and "favorite" being tossed around.

Of course, after the screenings, some spoilers have started to leak out about the film. One of the big questions about any superhero movie is whether the movie has an after the credits scene. Marvel movies are made by three different studios, so they don't always have after the credits scene. Deadpool is made by 20th Century Fox, which is a studio that sometimes includes and sometimes doesn't include a post-credits scene.

While we won't go into spoilers here, we will tell you that can confirm that Deadpool does have a post-credits scene. So make sure you don't get up and leave before the credits rolls.

Deadpool movie is scheduled to be released in movie theaters on February 12, 2016.