Deadpool Movie Footage Officially Released Online


On Sunday, test footage from the Deadpool movie was leaked online. It seems the fan reaction to the test footage has been so great that Blur Studios has now official released the footage onto the Internet.

Deadpool is a project long rumored to be in development, but not quite greenlit. The test footage shows a CGI Deadpool with the voice of Ryan Reynolds, the actor who portrayed the character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Though X-Men: Origins was critically reviled, and fans were disappointed with how the film chose to represent The Merc with a Mouth (notably, their decision to take away his mouth), Reynolds is still generally regarded as the perfect actor for the role. Deadpool's creator Robert Liefeld has maintained that if the Deadpool movie ever did go forward, Reynolds would still be his first choice for the lead role.

UPDATE: Despite the footage appearing on the official production website, and reports that the footage had been officially released, it appears it has been removed for whatever reason.

So what does this mean for the future of a Deadpool movie? Its hard to say. Fox is the one who really makes that call, and they've always maintained that they want to make a Deadpool movie, its just never quite come together. Maybe this little turn of events will spur them forward.