Dredd Sequel Most Likely Not Happening


As praised as 2012's hard-boiled Dredd film, it doesn't look like a sequel will happen anytime soon for Mega-City One's top enforcer.

The death sentence came directly from Dredd screenwriter Alex Garland, who said that a sequel just isn't in the studio's plans. He even went as far to say that people shouldn't even buy a DVD in hopes of persuading studio heads, calling it a futile effort

"[K]eep your money because the people who make the decisions don't get moved by that kind of thing," Garland said. "They're moved by other stuff, other equations, other algorithms."

Based on Garland's comments, it sounds like Dredd's low box-office performance was the real culprit behind the hoped sequel's death. Despite its high critical marks, Dredd only earned $35.6 million at the global box office.

But that doesn't mean the case is completely closed. Garland offer a nugget of hope by saying while his tenure with Dredd is over, someone else could potentially pick up the reins for a future installment.


"It means something that these people support the film in that way, but the thing people want, which is a sequel, I don't think is going to happen," Garland told Collider. "I think it will happen (let me rephrase that) I don't think it's happening with me and the people who made the last one."