Exclusive: Revolution #1 Script Preview


Coming ahead of its digital comic release on ComicBook.com, NBC's Revolution has released an exclusive glimpse at the first issue's script.

Revolution, the cult-favorite sci-fi series that ended in May 2014, has found new life in a four-part digital comic series that will resolve the show's unfinished storylines and plot threads. ComicBook.com is fortunate enough to exclusively host every issue, beginning May 4 with the issue's first release.

Revolution will unite regular series writer David Reed and Ryan Parrott, who will pen the comic tales (including the script below). Also on board are Revolution's executive producers Eric Kripke, J.J. Abrams, Bryan Burk, Rockne S. O'Bannon and Jon Favreau, who teamed up with DC Comics to bring the series to its proper conclusion.

You can check out the script below.

WIDE. An EPIC SHOT of MILES and MONROE-- mid-cavalry charge as their horses leap a fallen treeseveral PATRIOT SOLDIERS are using for cover.
This can take place in the ruins of a crumbling city-- overrun with vines and neglected facades. Maybethere's the remains of an old 747 in the background.
The PATRIOT SOLDIERS should be dressed as khaki-clad foot soldiers. Grim, mercenary-types.
Miles is wielding his traditional swords while Monroe brandishes an M-16. He should also have hisswords on, only sheathed.
They leap off their horses-- onto the soldiers. Monroe shoots another, mid-leap.
Miles, is it me or are these guys just mailing it in?
Focus, Bass. Two on the left.
I mean, I like a good "slaughter"
as much as the next guy--
 Miles, mid-fight with a Patriot soldier-- who struggles to use his gun to block Miles' sword.
am the next guy. And this isn't a
Miles SHOVES his sword through the patriot. In the BG, Monroe blasts the last two Patriot soldiers.
--It's a job well done.

Revolution: Chapter 1 debuts on May 4 exclusively on ComicBook.com.