Explore Star Wars Battlefront Planets on New Interactive Site

(Photo: EA)

Star Wars Battlefront is almost here, and a new website lets you get yourself even more excited with a deep dive look at the four main planets included at launch: Endor, Hoth, Sullust, and Tatooine.

A trailer was released Thursday afternoon to announce the site. When you start exploring a planet, it encourages you to turn up your speakers for the best experience, and starts presenting footage of a battle there. Every ten seconds or so, it'll pause, giving you the options to click on weapons, power-ups, and vehicles for more information about each, including encyclopaedia entries, additional video clips that give a closer look at it, and more.

The best sections of these are the behind-the-scenes videos showing how DICE created these worlds, including going to Iceland for the lava world of Sullust. That world is explored more in-depth here than ever before in the Star Wars universe, too.

There's a ton to explore, and too much to cover it all here, so go to the site, dive in, and enjoy.